Hall Of Flame
(The title of Flamer, while used to mean somebody who is "loveably ridiculous" at our awards night, can also be applied to an esteemed alum, who will forever be a Saint to us)

Mark Goossens
One of the longest-serving members of the SAKC in his day, Dr Goose has since become a global ambassador of Korf on his many laser-selling expeditions, and maintains strong connections to the club despite having not been a student for many, many moons. I'm sure we can forgive him for playing for Ed City - the man's got to korf somewhere!

Adam Maynard 
He was the first St Andrews captain to win the league and to lead a St Andrews team in the Europa cup. Over a two year captaincy stint, Adam laid the groundwork for the successes we've experienced in all the years since, and as such deserves a place in the Hall of Flame (he is also a magnificent Flamer).

Naomi Maynard 
She was the first smiley face to welcome so many of us to the club. Her incredible professionalism and passion during her fantastic tenure as President of the SAKC saw the club grow from strength to strength. Nomz's game face inspired us to play as hard as she did, as well as to covet her skills, whilst her off court antics were always inclusive and brought everyone into the fold. She deserves a place in the Hall of Flame as we know she loves 'you raisin people!'

Graham Rose
The name Graham Rose might not mean a lot to many of the current generation of SAKC members reading this - I refuse to recognise it as a real name myself - but just the whisper of the word ‘Casper’ is enough to send even those just starting their undergraduate careers into spasmodic convulsions that Gordon has consistently attempted to pass off as dancing. Gordon was the intrepid captain of the great SS SAKC for two consecutive years and steered the ship through some quite troubled waters; when appointed captain the club only had a handful of regular members, most of whom had only been playing for two years at most. Fast-forward two years and the club had two teams for the first time ever, boasted Scottish internationals in its ranks and the foundation was laid for Adam to go on to take the club to Scottish league glory. While the trophy cabinet during his captaincy was limited to a handful of beginners' tournament victories, this cannot be the only criteria upon which his tenure is judged – put simply, St Andrews Korfball Club would not exist now had it not been for the hard work that he and Emma put in to the club. On court his work-rate was unmatched (resulting in some of the most sweat-sodden shirts the SAKC has ever witnessed) and he literally left his opponents collapsed in a heap on the court after implementing his signature 13-veer attack. Off court he worked just as hard, winning dance-offs with all the grace of a blind, drunken hippopotamus. I could eulogise about Gordon for days, but I will conclude with this thought: Casper has earned the respect and admiration of all those who have known him.

Tom Drew 
His all-round contribution to the SAKC. Whilst my generation laid the ground work for playing success, Drew was instrumental in our creating the spirit of the club, which is really what makes it special. The race for top-scorer between him and Casper was wildly entertaining each year and he was a real leader on the court whilst setting new fashion trends through the club (AJs and Bop-Bands, anyone!). Also a massive flamer!

Hannah Fearnley 
Hannah followed to great SAKC presidents in the form of Em and Nomz and loved the job so much that she did it for two years. Hannah was a great president and always a pleasure to work with. Her organisation, decision making and leadership ensured that the club off the court was in great shape allowing everyone else to focus on playing korfball. Hannah made the SAKC into a development club; allowing us to take part in pre-season in my final year, which I know made a huge contribution to the success we enjoyed that year. Off court HanDog's banter was central to many a social and trip to Edinburgh. To name one highlight - I will never forget a first year Hannah doing sit-ups in front of the (sadly departed) Castle pub in preparation for Attila. 

Big thank you to Calum Lindsay, Lizzie Brough, Tom Drew, Adam Maynard and David Jones for their wonderful biographies. 

Other Notable Alumni
(aka Hall of Flamers who didn't write such lengthy biographies)

Louis Boguchwal- Now set up his own club in the U.S.A
Rosie Henshaw- Set up the club, now forming Dundee.
Karen McClymont, Lizzie Brough, Mark Goosens, 
Andrea Kinver. Jade Skeates.- Now representing Ed City 1, the team nearly as good as us!

The Saints of Scotland
This section features graduates and current members who have been involved with the Scotland Squad. 

Craig Stephen - Scotland Inter-Area Team 2015.
Katie Beadle - Scotland Inter-Area Team 2015.
Stella McNulty - Scotland Squad 2013/4, 2014/5.
Caspar Volker - Scotland Squad 2013/14, 2014/5.

(Plus many, many more whose type/years of involvement escape me...)

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