Social Scene

The Korfball Social Scene is fantastic. Throughout the year our social secretaries organise loads of great events from four-legged pub crawls to beer pong, promise auctions to white T-shirt socials and many more! There's something going on virtually every week and Friday pub trips are a great chance to catch up. Whether you drink or not; socials in the korfball club are fun for everyone. We like to think of ourselves as a relaxed, friendly group of people. Enjoying yourself is what the korfall club is all about and socials are a key part of that.

At the end of the year, our annual SAKC Awards is an awesome night out, including dinner, performances, speeches and awards of course. It's a great way to end the year, look back on all the laughs and say goodbye to the graduating members of the club.

Awards include MVP, Top Goalscorer, Most Improved, Best Dancer, Banter Awards and Sexiest players. Even if your schedule limits your playing time, this is the social to be at!

Here is a picture from SAKC Awards 2015: