Well, we have been busy. Andrew Hall has recently come back from the World Cup in China. He represented the mightly England Team to 5th place, with some cheeky goals along the way!! So don't feel bad if he scores against you in training, he's played with the best.
The seconds, under the new captaincy of the crutch yielding Michael Forde have made a strong start to the season. Some solid performances, which are a vast improvement of last year already, we have one win under our belt (O.K, it didn't count for the leage, but a win is a win!) Lots of excellent debuts already! At least 13.  Lots of debut goals in the beginners tournaments, BOOM!
The first team have won lots of their opening games, with only loss to Ed Uni 1, but the deficit was very small, so if there is a reverse fixture victory, we are still on course for a league victory! A great win over Ed City 1 and revenge against Ed Uni 1 by annhialating them at northerns, we can look forward to some home games.