Korfball is a fast-paced mixed-gender Dutch sport with similarities to basketball and netball. In the past 5 years the club has done it all, with 3 consecutive Scottish League titles, 3rd place in the British Universities Championships and trips to Turkey, Luxembourg and Poland to compete in the Europa Cup. 

Currently have two teams, one competing in the Scottish Korfball League Division 1, and the other in Division 2. We also attend BUCS Prelims, Regionals, and Nationals every year. 

The whole ethos of the club is about fun, with a large number of socials and events throughout the year and a great club atmosphere both on court and off. We cater for everyone from complete beginners to seasoned veterans (aka, last years complete beginners!), so there is really no excuse not to join!

Can't wait until September to give the sport a try? Visit this website, buy yourself a ball or two, and practice some passing and shooting.

Buy korfball balls here

You can find out more by clicking the links on the left. (Korfball Rules in Club Documents)

See below for our training and games timetable (2016-17)

Training Times And Fixtures