1992-1994- Rosie Henshaw founded the club in 1992. Why I hear you ask? Well Rosie was a student at York university and one sunny day a team from Friesland. (Holland) came to promote the sport. Rosie was a keen netballer at the time, and was invited into the hall to give it a go. This one session and the friendly atmosphere the Dutch people brought was enough to convince Rosie that Korfball would be the best way to proceed. Rosie's Korfing career started excellently, within 3 years she was selected for the British Students Korfball Team. Then after her college Korfballing days, Rosie took a gap year touring the sport to exotic places such as Newcastle, Manchester, Dundee and Aberdeen. Rosie trained to become a teacher (many Korfers seem to follow this path.), but not wanting to stop playing Korfball, she started playing for a team called the Sheffield Steelers. Following in the footsteps of fellow teammate Ed Wildin (Edinburgh Uni founder.) and continuing the touring theme, Rosie came to the wonderful town of St Andrews and the S.A.K.C was born.

However during that time, Amazon didn't do 1st class delivery on Korfball posts, so Rosie had to drive to Aberdeen folded two posts, placed them on a tiny ford fiesta and through the Scottish rain they travelled back to St Andrews once more. Only a few people started. In Year 2, Ed Wildin took over the majority of the sessions, when Rosie became pregnant with a potentially great Korfing great.ry.

Rosie continues to use her national captaining experience to help out the St Andrews team of today. A true Korfing legend.

1995/1996- Success, Success, Success. Around 7th place at Nationals (with a fair play award of Belgian fruit and Wheat Beers to complement it), and a place was awarded to the European University Championships in Brussels. Though this is not what this year will be remembered for. There was a long journery via Margate to the ferry. Teams from Sheffield, Manchester, Oxford and Cambridge were also onboard for this epic journey. .However 45+ Korfballers became ill with a stomach bug on the ferry. Rough weather was trapping the contingent outside of Margate, they were served a different collection of food, and 24 hours later their was a rough docking. It was not sea sickness, it was food poisoning causing vast illness on the boat. However, as the bridge gad been damaged by rough docking, they still could not get off the boat. Some Korfers even ran over the hole that developed in it, such was the problem. Eventually the gap was deemed passable. Eventually everybody arrived. The journey back to Scotland, was also eventful. (I may have neglected to mention this journey happened after nationals.) It was snowy and icy. Lots of Plastic Bags from Ambulances were borrowed to help keep the bus clean from the inevitable consequences of food poisoning. The Korfers fell like dominoes I hear. Lots of stops to dispose of the plastic bags, to keep the bus fresh. Only 7 people made the trip without suffering.

1996/1997- Many changes in the St Andrews 1st Team (Graduation.), New coaches, another place at the Student European Championsips at Delft University. Ed City (Ed Olympic) won the league this year, so we don't cry, we'll move to the next season.

1997/1998- Korfball first years come in very handy if they are tall males. A solid 9th place in Nationals. More players (including chair and coach Jade Skeates) was selected for the British Student Squad. The team also helped Rosie Henshaw to start school clubs.

1998/1999- A shock final appearance in Northerns was a real highlight this year. O.K Edinburgh Uni won the final but they were like Holland at the time. Another consistent 9th place at nationals. St Andrews had a coaching course held there, meaning Korfball contineud to grow. This year also saw the official emergence of a Scotland squad by Duncan Jefford. Rosie Henshaw captained, with 4 fellow St Andrews players. This team entered a senior division around the U.K and came 2nd and also antered the B.K.A cup (The Korfball version of the F.A. Cup.). No trophies this season. Scotland had a close encounter against the U.K which meant they were able to establish as a National Squad.

1999/2000- 3RD AT NATIONALS!

2000/2001- Lots of Social Banter.

2001/2002- 3RD at NATIONALS! (Yes Again!) BOOM! Especially after reports of some players having been slightly merry (apparently.) and huge improvement the year before.

2002/2003- A Korfballing Mystery.

2003/2004- The Invention of a "dirty pint" for the first competitive goal after a Lancaster torunament. A dirty pint originally consited of 1 pint of Stella, 2 Blue aftershocks, 2 red aftershocks, and a spring roll. I am unaware if this tradition still exists. (I hope not, I might have scored a couple of goals now. :p)

2004/2005- 17th at Nationals

2005/2006- Korfballing Mystery.

2006/2007- Winners of the League

2007/2008- Winners of the League

2008/2009- Winners of the League, Northerns. Europa Cup Appearance

2010/2011- 2nd in the League. 4th at Nationals

2011/2012-1st in the League, 2nd at Nationals! BOOM!

With many thanks to Rosie Henshaw, Andrea Kinver, Jade Skeates for helping me compile this history of Korfball.