So What Is Korfball?

Korfball is a mixed gender sport, similar to basketball & netball. One cannot move with the ball and the aim is to score in a post 3.5 m high. 1/2 the team attacks, 1/2 the team defends, and after 2 goals, everybody swaps.

Why should I join?
Korfball is a fun friendly sport, which involves everybody. It is new, unique and exciting, perfect for a fresh university experience. It can be fun and relaxed or competitive and serious, dependent on your outlook on life. It is for all genders, all abilities. It is easy to pick up. There is a huge variety of styles of training sessions, involving skill practice, tactics practice, fun games and much more!. Also when your friends/parents ask what sport you do, you give them an answer that grabs them, and makes them interested in your university life. Do something different!

Do I have to be tall?
 Oddly enough no. Some of the best players in the club aren't exactly tall. Collect and shooting are all about positioning. and technique, 3.5 m is not that high. O.K you might not outjump Andrew, Ben or Callum in Session 1, but over time, you will!

But I'm shocking at sports?
Not to worry. In this sport, everybody is a beginner even the international players in the first team, those who progress faster may star for the 2nds, 1sts quicker, but everybody picks all aspects of the game up at their own pace. Its a fun, social sport, even to 2nd team level.

Does it matter that I cannot turn up to every training session?
No, just turn up enthusiastic when you can. We all have degrees.

What Do I need to bring?
Trainers (One can opt for Rudes/Antisocial footwear/basketball shoes if you feel serious about the game, or just want to look cool.), sports gear. Water (can get from sports centre.), A smile.

What are the socials like?
Awesome! This comes from someone who is not one for drinking and going out. Everybody is friendly, their are easy going activities, and one does not have to stay out ridiculously late (unless you want to) Pot Luck Dinners, Awards, Promise Auctions have been highlights of the past. Check out our Social Scene page to see what Patrick & Emma have in store for us!

There must be something bad about Korfball surely?
 Well, one major complaint I have heard, is that occasionally the second team play in Yellow. Personally I love that kit. If you don't like yellow, use this to motivate your promotion to the 1st team. ( There really are no bad things, this is just the most convincing one I could make up ) They are now our Social Strips!

I am Convinced. How do I join?
See one of the committee, send us an email. Check the Sidebar on the left for more information