A few weeks back, whilst the rest of the University was enjoying the last week of Orientation Week
2012, the University of St Andrews Korfball Team was in Montrond Les Bains, France. Having won the
Scottish League the previous season, we were representing the League in the Korfball Europa Cup
competing against the French, Serbian, Turkish and Welsh representatives. Last season had been the
Club’s most successful year to date with the total of 15 wins and one loss throughout the season, and
coming second at Nationals. This year was to be the club’s fourth attempt to the Europa Cup, having
travelled to Luxembourg, Turkey and Poland in previous years.
The trip itself was amazing; the perfect start to the academic year. With a long trip down to London,
despite several members missing connections, and then a flight out to Lyon on the Friday, we played a
game that evening, two on the Saturday and then the final game on Sunday morning before flying back
to London. As the club has never won a game at the Europa Cup, one aim of the weekend was to train
up members of the second team in order to replace graduates. The other aim is of course to maintain a
good team spirit and to have a great weekend away before hitting the library and getting back to some
serious work.
As it was we did not win a game, but managed to score our self-imposed quote of six goals each game
with some beauties from many members of the team. Also, as the standard was so high, the
development players probably improved more over that weekend than they had over the previous
season. We also definitely had the best spirit as a team, not only on the court but off as well!