So Basic Starting Points.
1)-No running with the ball, 2) If somebody is within touching distance of you when you shoot, it is defended. 3) Boys can only mark boys, girls can only mark girls  3)Score in the yellow Korf (the hoop), to score. 4) Non-contact sport. 5) No kicking 6) No bashing ball out of hands


Run towards the post slowly, and step on one foot and quickly change direction creating space between you and your defender.

Long Veer-
Start from the Half way line in order to do this, one must SUIT UP (tuck T Shirts into Shorts,) Nobody knows why we do this.

A crucial position in Korfball, the attacker is facing away from the post, and is ready to supply the ball to players who veer and create space.

The place around the post where you are more likely to gather the ball should a shot not go in.

Running In Shot-
One collects the ball, takes two steps, and takes a shot close to the post.


BOY,BOY (Boy Feed, Boy Feed) /GIRL GIRL (Girl Feed, Girl Feed.)
The defender shouts this when their attacker is in "Feed" Defenders, if you hear this, back away.

Got Collect/Boy Under/Girl Under-
The attacker shouts this when they have a good collect position.

The defender is telling their defence they have a good collect position, defenders stay tight to your marker.

See You-
The other defender on your team can, well, see you, so if they try a Running in Shot, you can switch and no goals will be scored.

This is said when you reclaim the ball of the opposition.