Basic Rules:
    1) No running with the ball
    2) If somebody is within touching distance of you when you shoot, it is defended
    3) Boys can only mark boys, girls can only mark girls 
    4) Score in the yellow Korf (the hoop), to score.
    5) Non-contact sport
    6) No bashing ball out of hands 
    7) No kicking the ball

Run towards the post slowly, and step on one foot and quickly change direction creating space between you and your defender.

A crucial position in Korfball, the attacker is facing away from the post, and is ready to supply the ball to players who veer and create space.

The place around the post where you are more likely to gather the ball should a shot not go in.

One player is in feed, and passes to you as you run towards the post 

Drop Off
You start next to the post, and move away from it in order to shoot


Girl/Boy Feed
The defender shouts this when their attacker is in "Feed". Defenders, if you hear this, back away.

Girl/Boy Looking
This is shouted when someone looks like they are looking to set up a feed position

Got Collect
The attacker shouts this when they have a good collect position.

Girl/Boy Under
Lets your teammates know that you attacker is looking for a collect

The defender is telling their defence they have a good collect position, defenders stay tight to your marker.

See You
The other defender on your team can, well, see you, so if they try a Running in Shot, you can switch and no goals will be scored.

This is said when you reclaim the ball of the opposition.

Ball In (On Me)
When the ball is passed into your half, to the person you are defending

When the person you are defending throws the ball past you

If the person you are defending attempts a shot, this lets your teammates know that the ball is coming near the korf and to be ready for a collect

Shout this to let the other defender know you want to switch which attackers you are each marking. This is particularly effective at stopping a runner

See You, (Name)
If you are defending a feed, and you see an attacker in a position to do a runner, shout this to let the other defender know that you are ready to do a switch if necessary 

As mentioned above, one of the key rules of korfball is the "defended" rule. This basically means that if a defender is properly defending you and you shoot, even if it goes in the goal doesn't count! There are several requirements for a shot to get called as defended.
The defender must:
  • Be between the attacker and the post
  • Be within shoulders touching distance of the attacker
  • Have their arm above the attacker
  • Be actively following the ball