Training sessions vary quite a lot, we do training drills to practice passing, shooting, tactics. We start with a unique warm up, and do different activities each session, each session is different, there is sometimes a competition element. In the second hour, we usually just play games.


Two people start in a line, Player 1 shoots, Player 2 shoots. If Player 2 scores before Player 1, Player 1 is out, If Player 1 scores, Player 3 must shoot, If player 3 scores, Player 2 is out. 2 people are always shooting, if the second shooter scores before the first shooter, the first shooter is out. When two remain, the second shooter must score once, the first shooter must score twice (once to become the second shooter, and once to knock the person out.)

Post to Post

2 Teams shoot, Team 1 shoots first, 1 goal = 1 point, if the ball hits the post, the other team has one bounce in order to catch the ball. They must shoot from where they catch it. If the ball does not hit the floor, the other player must catch the ball before it bounces. If a player does not catch the ball correctly after the other team shoots, they get another shot. Usually first to Ten.

One on Ones

2 players giving passes to the attacker, the attacker must attempt veers and attempt to score as much as possible in 1 minute. Then swap.

We also do tactical drills involving key Korfball tactics, check out the "Beginners Guide to Korfball" Section for more info.

Shooting Practice

Stand with feet shoulder width apart, feet facing forward, heels flat on the floor, elbows straight, hold the ball with your hands in a W shape, push the ball up, and end like a pencil, keeping elbows straight, stay balanced and symmetrical. Easy, right?