Here are the lovely people who are running the Club this year - I give you the University of St Andrews Korfball Club Committee 2017-18!

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to come and talk to any of us! We love to chat, especially about what we think is the best sport in the world!

Rachael Watts

  • Degree: Maths and Physics - 4th Year
  • Nicknames: Rach, Rachael from lannndaannn
  • Favourite colour: Baby blue
  • Film of choice: Tangled
  • Favourite food: Jannettas ice cream
  • Pet peeve: People talking through films
  • Favourite thing about korfball: The ball
  • Aim for the season: Have fun and see the club grow & develop
  • Korfball in 1 word: Different

First Team Captain
Andrew Thirlwell

  • Degree: Computer Science - 4th Year
  • Nicknames: Sniper, Babby Pig
  • Favourite colour: Blue
  • Film of choice: Jurassic Park
  • Favourite food: Cornflakes
  • Pet peeve: People calling me Babby Pig
  • Favourite thing about korfball: Being able to learn something new every week
  • Aim for the season: To get BUCS points
  • Korfball in 1 word: Party

Gemma Matthews

  • Degree: International Relations with Modern History - 4th Year
  • Nicknames: Gem
  • Favourite colour: Blue
  • Film of choice: Love Actually
  • Favourite food: Maisha
  • Pet peeve: Overly milky tea
  • Favourite thing about korfball: Always having teammates to study, gym and drink with!
  • Aim for the season: To leave no-one behind at games and not mess up the transport - wish me luck!
  • Korfball in 1 word: Sweaty

Jennifer Brown

  • Degree: Economics - 3rd Year
  • Nicknames: Jen
  • Favourite colour: Mint green
  • Film of choice: Oklahoma
  • Favourite food: Peanut butter
  • Pet peeve: Grumpy people
  • Favourite thing about korfball: It burns calories, is incredible fun and lets you spend time with friends...who could want more?!
  • Aim for the season: To make it onto the First team
  • Korfball in 1 word: Perfect

Kit & Safety Officer
Amy Lovell

  • Degree: Medicine - 3rd Year
  • Nicknames: Ames
  • Favourite colour: Purple
  • Film of choice: The Help
  • Favourite food: A nice greasy, cheesy pizza
  • Pet peeve: People being rude
  • Favourite thing about korfball: A really satisfying interception
  • Aim for the season: To finally score in a league game!
  • Korfball in 1 word: Inclusive

Tournament & Fundraising
Cate Schofield

  • Degree: English - 3rd Year
  • Nicknames: Cattytrona
  • Favourite colour: Green
  • Film of choice: Pride and Prejudice
  • Favourite food: Salted Caramel
  • Pet peeve: People suddenly stopping walking in front of you
  • Favourite thing about korfball: The cry of "KORFBALL!" when a korfballer drops anything
  • Aim for the season: Score a hat trick
  • Korfball in 1 word: Banter

Social Secretary
Ela Pari Huws

  • Degree: Social Anthropology - 3rd Year
  • Nicknames: Ela with one 'L'
  • Favourite colour: Black or anything glittery
  • Film of choice: The Notebook
  • Favourite food: All kinds of cheese
  • Pet peeve: Doesn't have one - quite a tolerant person really!
  • Favourite thing about korfball: The socials, obviously!!
  • Aim for the season: Score her first goal in a match
  • Korfball in 1 word: Crazy

Social Secretary
Lizzie Jones

  • Degree: Chemistry and Physics - 3rd Year
  • Nicknames: Reckless in the SAKC, Lizzehhh
  • Favourite colour: Turquoise
  • Film of choice: The Sound of Music
  • Favourite food: Carbonara
  • Pet peeve: People who take themselves too seriously
  • Favourite thing about korfball: All the yelling you get to do on court
  • Aim for the season: Make the club bigger and have more laughs than ever before
  • Korfball in 1 word: Diverse

Web & Publicity Officer
Kathryn Swain

  • Degree: Marine Biology - 4th Year
  • Nicknames: Eager in the SAKC, Kitkat
  • Favourite colour: Orange
  • Film of choice: How To Train Your Dragon
  • Favourite food: Creme eggs
  • Pet peeve: Squeezing toothpaste from the middle of the tube
  • Favourite thing about korfball: The buzz from shutting down your opponent with your defensive skillz
  • Aim for the season: To get MVP in a match
  • Korfball in 1 word: Family


Al and Lasagna

Meet our lovely Saints Korfball Mascots! These two are the cutest and cuddliest members of the committee; not including Rachael though!

They both love long walks on West Sands, ice cream dates and road trips to see new places. However, their absolute favourite thing is, of course, Korfball!

Feel free to come over and say hi if you ever see them out and about at matches and events - they always love the attention!